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About me

My Fitness life, around the world

ISSA personal trainer since 2008, I worked for many years in the best gyms in Milan.
In 2012 I went to Canaries and in 2013 I start a fitness blog, without velleities. This blog.

Since then it has been an ongoing growing number of readers and customers, till become my full-time job, supported by a team of professionals.

To date, I cared online with over 500 Customers, Tens of thousands are the readers of this site and social followers.
People who have chose to change their lifestyle.

I try to prove through my body and my disclosure what you can physically aspire in natural way. Sculpting your body, improve your quality of life, of health, of vitality, to live your life at its best.

My real intent is to make the greatest number of people INDEPENDENT, in order to be able to continue on its own path in the future.

Learning the equilibrium between living to stay on top and enjoy the pleasure of feeling healthy in the body you want. This is worthless.

Have a good transformation.
A hug,




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Personal Trainer. Online.

It’s more than 3 years, through this site I follow hundreds of customers who wants to change life by revolutionizing their physical and habits.

This is the Coaching Service for those who have decided to make a concrete and definitive leap of quality.

A custom plan and a guided path with me to show you, step by step, what to do and how to do it.
If you’ve decided to go deep and change physically, this is the place right for you.

Dave Gamba


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