Summer Fit

What’s in the summer fit coaching?

My Direction

My Coaching and my support about the personal state, to optimize your efforts and give the optimal informations to you to achieve your goal along the way.


Food plan

A Customized Food Plan on your goals and features + the admission to all my specific food and nutrition tips

Training Plan

A customized training plan what will give you from you are to you want to get + the admission to all my home and gym workouts


Full access to the support Community, to directly interact with me and other members. You can ask your questions along the way, as well as share photos, recipes and your progress

Who’s addressed


✔︎ For those who want to be ready for the summer in the best way with a strict but gradual approach.

✔︎ For those who want to lose Body Fat without affecting Lean Mass.

✔︎ For those who are determined to achieve their maximum potential during this season.

✔︎ For those who want to scratch, dry in the best version of themselves.



Your best fitness

If you are determined to achieve your best fitness in this summer, this is the Customized Service for you. Training, feeding and my personal guide.

Limited seats
Of course I will not be able to accept all the requests, it will remain on sale until the seats are exhausted.

10 Reasons to Begin


1. It’s been years that you train and have improved a little or nothing


2. You followed what you read on the internet and fitness magazines, and it didn’t work


3. You’ve followed the classic rules, that the coaches explain to everyone, and it didn’t work


4. You have tried to eat ‘well’, following the traditional nutritional suggestion, but has changed a little or nothing, besides suffering hunger steadily


5. You have tried one or more diets, but you always return to the starting point once the diet has ended (ie yo-yo effect)


6. You respect yourself and now you want to reach the physical goal you have in the drawer for a long time


7. Need someone who is closer to you, to guide you, with whom you can confront and help you stay on track until your final result


8. You have the best intentions in the world, you are motivated and determined, but you have no idea where to start


9. You have noticed that you are not rejuvenating over time, and you have decided to resume body and health control


10. By now you’ve realized that both a Nutrition Plan then a Fitness Plan need to be customized, and the old nutrition claims of western medicine do not work (and they never really worked, given the growing obesity in the world in the west). You have been informed, and you have noticed the medical researchers of the last decades have been moving towards to a permanent direction.



Q: Are there any age limits?

A: The Service is for over 18 people

Q: Do I need tools to train at home?

A: No mandatory tools are needed, especially if the goal is weight loss. But if you want to start growing muscle mass, you will need a home bar for traction.

Q: Do I need to have access to the gym to follow your Workout Plan?

Q: No. Gym is not needed, as I am a personal trainer specialized in free-to-muscle development (and being my own training method), but most of my clients are enrolled in the gym and provide them weightlifting training progressions. But to answer the question, you do not need the gym you can do your workouts at home.

Q: Will you also be able to advise me on integrating natural supplements for health and performance?

A: Of course yes.

Q: I have no workout and exercises experience...

A: No problem, because I provide pictures and videos of the executions of each exercise in my Workout Plan.

Q: Actually I don't really like to train and eat well, I need somebody to motivate me to achieve the result

A: I’m sorry, probably, this kind of service is not for you. The idea that personal trainer should ‘motivate’ people and push them to move forward is a frequent commonplace, but it doesn’t work like this. The personal trainer is the person who shows you the shortest, fastest and most efficient way to get where you want to go. It’s your travel companion and your guide, but the motivation to daily engage yourself is to find it inside you, for your own reasons. No one in the world can provide this. It’s natural that during the path to be with a person who guides you can be motivating, but it’s a secondary effect and rise only in people who are already waking up in the morning motivated and with the desire to grow, improve, always go beyond its limits. If you are determined and want to get to the goal, then the personal trainer is the right person for you.

The Transformations

At first I thought if I went to the gym and burned calories by raising and lowering a barbell or a dumbbell, you could literally eat what you wanted.
I was wrong, But even I knew what the right food was, I was still out of the way. So, seeing the results on my sister, I wrote to Dave who followed me in really meticulous manner. . And now I will continue to have higher and higher goals and try to reach them.
All this has been possible thanks to my coach Dave


Christian Pascolini

By now I have applied all the rules and habits you have taught me for a year, and I’m sharped almost always.
I sleep well. 8 hours per night (not 5 as before), I’m happy by what I eat… Great, in conclusion! Even a year ago, when you followed me…
Of course, I put so much sacrifice and willpower, but all the tricks you taught me. First I did a tide of bulls**ts that prevented me from improving.

I always eat so much now, to fill, But I understand that as long as I eat well, control carbohydrates and avoid poor quality food, I can eat so much and give me 2 free meals with plenty of ice cream and stay pulled! 😀

Just as it is not important to lift boulders in the gym for a thousand series, then crack, But the most important thing is the intensity and the correct execution of each repetition.

As you always wrote to me: short doesn’t mean easy…

Such a definition, and this mass, you created it!!!
You’re really a big one, let me tell you.
Thank you


Emiliano Resta

After 3 pregnancies, a tide of diets, some failures, I take the courage and write to Dave.
I start my journey with him at the end of April, insecure, skeptical, but he knows best and with his professionality, sensitivity, determination and kindness he can make me believe in what he believes.
Thank you Dave, Because through you I learned to eat well, to live well and to feel good. I learned not to be afraid of the misatake and I learned the most important thing: If I want I can.
Today I put on swimwear, look at me and say: Yes, I’m fine.

You have always been able to encourage me, advise me, Always helpful and never bothered by my thousand “why”. Now I will continue this journey alone, but with the certainty of always having someone to count on. THANK YOU!



Ilenia Lencioni

After several months of deadlock, in my progress, I turned to Dave for advice on nutrition. I’ve had a huge progress in a very short time, making me follow only one month thanks to her strategy. Now I can continue my journey by myself and for that I will always be grateful to him


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