The Service includes:

Personalized Nutritional Plan for each meal, based on
– Your Metabolic Type
– Your current lifestyle
– The goals you want to achieve
– The food you prefer


✔ Personalized Training Program based on your goal, characteristics and progression


A List of recommended foods (the healthiest foods without losing the pleasure of taste )


A List of the best nutritional supplements and guidance on their correct use (if you want to use supplements)


Counseling via Email with me during the time period of the Plan, where we will establish what to eat in the next few days according to your performance and your current features (and weight changes ), and any other question you’ll need to ask me.


My Personalized Online Diet programs cover these objectives:

WEIGHT LOSS , to reach your ideal weight without restrictive diets, without suffering or hard sacrifices


MUSCLE MASS, to be used with the Training Program for Mass , in order to optimize training efforts and achieve a muscular and lean physique


KEEP YOUR IDEAL FORM, have a nutrition plan to maintain (and improve ) their current physical condition . By optimizing the immune system, and the Hormonal System, Lymphatic System


PREPARATION OF A MATCH/SPORT, to use with the preparation program to a sporting event , optimizing your athletic performance.



Fill in the free form and have my first free advice without obligation to
know your current situation and ask me any questions about what we can do together.
(Your privacy is important to me. Your data will never be shared with third parties)


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